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As journalists we often cover tragic stories, then because of the rush of news events and the nature of our business we move on to the next story. But the story doesn’t end when the cameras and microphones are packed up and the headlines fade away.
May 07, 2013
With no place to go, a deportee made his way into the Tijuana River, where he now lives.
May 06, 2013
I’ve heard of this kind of "nice" come out in other places during times of crisis. Somehow through the stresses of everyday life we forget how to be kind.
May 02, 2013
Earlier this month, Phoenix leaders fielded questions about SB 1070 while on a trade mission in Mexico City. How did they talk about Arizona's immigration bill abroad?
April 30, 2013
With the recent dismissal of a trio of high-profile corruption cases in Mexico, the country’s new administration appears to be distancing itself from the last vestiges of former President Felipe Calderón’s war on drugs.
April 27, 2013
The historic Warren Ballpark is just one example of old-time structures Bisbee, Ariz.
April 25, 2013
Immigration reform is temporarily sidelined due to the Boston Marathon tragedy. But it's on deck to be the next big political debate.
April 17, 2013
For the last several days I’ve been reporting on a Paris auction house that sold sacred Hopi items Friday. The tribe tried to stop the sale, saying they were stolen and belonged on its reservation. In order to explain why the tribe did not want the items sold, I had to tell people what they were. But the tribe didn't want the media using certain words or images.
April 13, 2013
The narrative is a fascinating one, complete with drama and danger and a lone figure standing up for the truth. And now, that blog writer has written a book. This book is so dangerous, states her publisher that, “it’s a certainty she will be horribly murdered.” But just how much of it is true?
April 12, 2013
As we debate immigration reform, shouldn't we address what drives people from their home countries?
April 09, 2013


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