Mexican Paper Shuts Down Operations After Colleague's Murder

April 03, 2017
Michel Marizco
Reporters in Ciudad Juárez in late March demanded the federal government to investigate Miroslava Breach's murder.

After a quarter century, the publishers of Norte, a major Ciudad Juarez newspaper, announced Sunday that the paper was closing down. The editor made the announcement in a curt editorial that appeared online and on its front page, simply titled, "¡Adios!"

He attributed the closing to the murder of a respected journalist, Miroslava Breach, who once worked for Norte newspaper. The national correspondent for La Jornada was gunned down in late March after critical reporting on traffickers in Mexico’s heroin and marijuana cultivation regions.

Breach was the third journalist in Mexico killed in March alone. Two more survived gunshot wounds.

Norte’s editorial missive closes with “Everything in life has a beginning, an end and a price to pay. I’m not willing for my collaborators or myself to pay that price."