White House’s Spending Plan Sets Aside $234M For Border Crossing In San Luis, Arizona

May 26, 2017
Concord General Contracting via General Services Administration
An artist's rendering shows a concept of a proposed pedestrian processing facility at the San Luis, Arizona, port of entry.

The federal government would pay to overhaul the port of entry in San Luis under President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for next year.

Trump’s budget seeks to make overall cuts in federal spending. But it sets aside $234 million to tear down and rebuild the pedestrian and non-commercial vehicle sections of the San Luis Port of Entry.

Local officials who have long be lobbying for federal funding to revamp the port are both surprised and excited, said San Luis Vice Mayor Matias Rosales.

"For us to hear this, it's like, ‘Woah.’ It's surreal, but we're excited,” Rosales said. “It feels good after five years of traveling and presenting presentations and looking like a broken record sometimes to finally see it come true."

Rosales said a rebuilt port could represent new business opportunities for his community. He said the port would have a dedicated center for pedestrians and would double the number of car lanes to at least 12.

The proposal is pending the approval of Congress.