Phoenix Joins Cities For Citizenship Campaign

December 10, 2017
(Image courtesy of Cities for Citizenship)

Phoenix is joining a nationwide campaign to get millions of people to apply for citizenship, Mayor Greg Stanton announced Sunday.

Phoenix becomes the 40th member of a coalition called Cities for Citizenship. The campaign’s goal is to help millions of lawful permanent residents, who are often called green card holders, through the final steps to become citizens.

“It can be an intimidating process,” Stanton said. “Lot of applications to fill out. Interviews to go through. Tests that you have to pass.”

Local advocacy groups already help people become naturalized, Stanton said. Now they’re backed by the city.

“Phoenix is in,” he said. “We’re all in. And I have full confidence that government working with the private sector, working with the nonprofit sector — this is going to be a hugely successful program.”

It will take a couple months for the city to organize it’s efforts, Stanton said.

The mayor will soon leave office to run for Congress, but he’s confident his successor will keep the campaign going.