Local Pollen And Honey May Help Fight Allergies

Published: Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 6:24pm
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(Maria Springs/ KJZZ News)

It’s that time of year — allergy season. In fact, Phoenix has some of the highest pollen levels in the country right now.

While you may be reaching for the nasal spray and allergy medication, many people swear by an allergy remedy that comes courtesy of mother nature: bees.

Well, it’s not the bees themselves, but what they produce.

Kevin Hodgson runs a bee removal service called The Beehive LLC. He found a swarm last night in Mesa.

"I’ve been working with bees my whole life," he said.

Instead of killing the unwanted insects, he takes them to his family’s farm in Fort McDowell where they have more than 900 bee hives.

"And they’ll start producing honey for me," Hodgson said.

As for an allergy remedy, Hodgson thinks you should start taking your tea with a spoon full of honey.

"Lots of people use honey and pollen to combat seasonal allergies," he said.

And unlike store-bought honey, Hodgson’s honey is raw, not pasteurized.

"Local raw honey has the pollen spores in it that are local to your area," he said.

Hodgson said ingesting just a little bit every other day can help your body get used to the allergens that trigger your symptoms. 

You can find local honey and pollen at many of the farmers markets around the Valley this weekend or at Hodgson's website TheAZBeehive.com.

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