New Novel Mixes Romance With Arizona Politics

Published: Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 6:18pm
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(Courtesy of Elle Marlow)
"Seducing His Senator" is Elle Marlow's 8th romance novel. It tells the story of a female Arizona senator who is wrapped up in a scandal with a Tucson rancher.

The western romance story is nothing new. But we’ll tell you what is - a western romance with a woman who’s an Arizona senator as the lead. In a new book titled "Seducing His Senator," Elle Marlow couples a western romance with the Arizona State Capitol.

And if you think Arizona politics can’t be sexy, well, Marlow takes a different approach.

"I think we need to break the mold with these poor politicians, I really do feel kind of sorry for them," Marlow said. "They are people too, they’re human. And believe me, they do have lives outside of the capitol."

The book begins with Senator Vivian LeMasters winning her second term in office, but pretty soon a handsome cowboy named Brock Barone shows up.

But Vivian is no damsel in distress.

"It is a role reversal because, in most romance novels, the guy is the one that makes all the money and makes all the decisions and women are just throwing themselves at the guy," Marlow said.

Here, Brock spends a lot of time chasing after Senator LeMasters. And what follows is scandalous, seductive and full of saguaros.

That’s because cowboy Brock has been roped into a scheme to ruin the senator’s reputation, but there’s a romantic twist — because love has no politics.

Be aware, it’s not an appropriate read for kids. But Marlow said she doesn’t like to only focus on the kissing stuff, which is why she added some old-fashioned political tension into the story.

"As a writer and a reader, I get bored with it just being, you know, sticky, sweet, mushy all the time," Marlow said. "I like conflict. I like for there to be something big for this couple to overcome."

You can pick up a copy of "Seducing His Senator" by Elle Marlow in Barnes and Noble bookstores, or by downloading the e-book.

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