Forest Officials: Hunters, Campers Can Leave Trailers

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Monday, December 9, 2013 - 11:45am

Supervisors of two northern Arizona national forests have a new message for hunters and other campers.

Hunters had been concerned federal officials wanted to crack down on a policy that allowed them to leave their trailers in the forests while they were away during the work week.

But the supervisors of the Coconino and Kaibab national forests say that is not the case. They say visitors camping and actively engaging in hunting or other recreational activities are not at risk of being cited or having their property considered abandoned after 72 hours.

They also say hunters and other campers "have never been required to move camp every 72 hours and will not be required to do so in the future."

The supervisors say though, the 14-day limit remains in place.

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