Arizona Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Bring More Guests With Different Views

By Bridget Dowd
Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services
Published: Monday, January 27, 2020 - 11:36am
Howard Fischer/Capitol Media Services
Anthony Kern

A Glendale lawmaker is proposing a new bill that he believes would ensure university students hear all sides of controversial issues.

Republican Anthony Kern says the bill would require the Arizona Board of Regents to establish, fund and staff a new office of public policy events at each school.

He said he believes students aren’t getting all sides of issues when guests are invited to the state's three universities.

"You know, I think taxpayers deserve that if a student goes to these universities that there's a well-rounded discussion on a variety of topics and the student gets both points of view and the taxpayer can be assured that both points of view are being presented," Kern said.

The new office would have to seek out speakers from outside the university who have contrary positions to those coming to campus.

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