Repairs For San Manuel Flooding Continues

By Associated Press, Tatyana Garcia
Published: Monday, August 3, 2015 - 5:43pm

Work crews are still repairing roads in San Manuel. Monsoon rains hit the small town in north Tucson on Wednesday, causing local flooding in the area. Joe Pyritz is with Pinal County. He said the public works crews had to work throughout the weekend to make the streets somewhat drivable again. 

"It just seemed to stop over San Manuel and be a very slow-moving storm at that point and that’s what ended up having a lot of water dumped on San Manuel in such a short period of time and the water just came down so hard it was damaging to the roads up there," Pyritz said.

Pyritz added there was some damage to a few classrooms at the local elementary school. Despite that, students will still have their first day of class later this week. 

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