Senate Vetoes Super Bowl Security Repayment Bill

Published: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - 9:55am

The Arizona Senate has killed a bill that would have reimbursed the city of Glendale for stepped-up security at next year’s Super Bowl.

Senate President Andy Biggs, a no vote, has a problem with the way Glendale handles it’s money.

“They’re able to give $15 million to a hockey franchise to keep it in town, when they know that they’re going to lose money on it and they want the state to come in and pay the tab for public safety,” Biggs said.

Sen. Steve Farley of Tucson scolded Glendale officials for accepting another Super Bowl, then trying to pawn the costs off on the entire state.

With the failure of the bill, Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers says next year’s Super Bowl may be his city’s last.

“This city is in a position right now where, you know, our backs are to the wall,” Weiers said. “We don’t have any way to turn. We will not entertain any major events in the future unless we know that the public safety portion’s taken care of.”

Weiers says it amazes him that his former colleagues are so short-sighted on something that benefits the entire state of Arizona.

But Farley doubts southern Arizona will benefit significantly from the game, saying if the benefit is in Maricopa County, the costs should be borne by the people of the county.

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