McCain Mum On Horne's Political Future

Published: Friday, May 23, 2014 - 10:37am

Arizona Senator John McCain is not ready to join Rep. Matt Salmon and call for Attorney General Tom Horne to abandon his re-election bid, but the senator thinks Horne should consider it,

“I respect Congressman Salmon’s view and I think it would be valuable for Tom Horne to evaluate his present situation but the ultimate decision lies with him," McCain said.

Salmon thinks Horne is so damaged politically he could cost Republicans the state’s top legal post this fall.  The congressman believes Horne could not only lose to GOP challenger Mark Brnovich in the primary, but Democrat Felicia Rotellini could win the general election. 

Horne and Salmon discussed the situation by phone, Wednesday, but a spokeswoman for the Attorney General says he told the congressman he will not abandon his campaign.

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