Ruling Restores Lower Campaign Contribution Limits

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 10:00am
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The Arizona Court of Appeals on Tuesday blocked candidates from taking the sharply higher campaign contributions approved earlier this year by the Republican-controlled Legislature.

The old law limited legislative candidates to taking a maximum of $440 from any individual or Political Action Committee. The new law raised that to $4,000. It also scrapped the old maximum from all PACs of just under $15,000.

Tuesday’s ruling restores the old limits for now. But Mike Liburdi, representing Republican legislative leaders, says the ruling is not the final word.

“There is an option to petition for review at the Arizona Supreme Court,” Liburdi said. “There is an option to seek a stay. We are heavily considering all our options and we're preparing to move as expeditiously as possible.”

The Clean Elections Commission, which brought suit against the new law, says it’s less clear what happens to the money candidates have raised over the last month under the new law. But Executive Director Tom Collins says he’ll wait for a final order from the courts to determine that.

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