Arizona Bill Proposes Training Teachers, Faculty On Teen Suicide Prevention

Published: Monday, February 11, 2019 - 3:40pm

According to the World Health Organization, suicide remains among the leading cause of death for teens.

It's tricky determining whether a teen is suffering from hormonal changes or serious depression. And, mental health experts say a teens' impulsivity can usher in thoughts to follow through on suicide.

This week, Arizona  lawmakers are considering a bi-partisan measure requiring all public school personnel undergo suicide prevention training to spot the signs and intervene.

The bill's author, Democratic Sen. Sean Bowie, said sees teen suicide as a particularly large problem in affluent areas like the east valley.

"This tends to crop up more in higher income areas, which I think is interesting," Bowie said. "And, I think it's partly attributable to there being a lot of pressure on kids now days to succeed and do well academically and athletically and go to a really good college."

If the bill passes, teachers and staff would undergo training every three years.

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