McCain Meets With Veterans And Their Families To Discuss VA Allegations

By Carrie Jung
May 09, 2014

PHOENIX - Senator John McCain hosted a town hall style meeting in Phoenix on Friday to discuss the recent allegations of mismanagement at the Phoenix VA Medical Center. More than 200 veterans and their families attended the event.

Carrie Jung KJZZ News
Veterans and their families shared personal stories of frustration with the VA medical care system with Senator McCain.

Those who spoke, shared personal stories about their family members and themselves. And while each situation was different, there was one central theme, frustration.

Veteran Lee Ethington said he’s been waiting more than seven months to see a VA physician for a heart condition. "Oh I’m pissed," he said. "I served seven and a half years before I was injured and discharged."

He says when he was young and healthy, he took the benefit for granted.

"But when I needed it, and I was promised I would have it when I needed it, they’re nowhere to be found and I’m a little upset about that," Ethington added.

Senator McCain mostly listened. He encouraged those experiencing problems to speak with him or his staff. He promised to follow up.

"The fact is that we will do everything that is within our power. I believe the American people are at a point where they will demand that this system be fixed," he said.

Allegations of delays in care and fraudulent wait time records at the Phoenix VA Medical center are being investigated. The scandal one of several that have emerged in recent days around the country.