In Tijuana, A Search For The Remains Of 75 Dissolved Bodies
By Erin Siegal
November 28, 2012

TIJUANA, Mexico -- Mexican officials are in Tijuana this week searching for disappeared victims of drug violence. The investigation was sparked by new information obtained by Mexican authorities from an inmate.

The newspaper El Universal reported on Wednesday that federal officials from Mexico's Attorney's Office Specializing in Organized Crime are now in Tijuana. They're searching for the remains of 75 people.

Their bodies were dissolved in caustic acid and the remains were scattered.

Authorities are working from a tip from a man known as "Santiago N," who reportedly admitted to dissolving more than 300 bodies in the area.

The man has been in Mexican custody since 2009, but just recently disclosed the location of certain bodies.

He said he was acting under orders from Sinaloa cartel lieutenant Teodoro GarcĂ­a Simental, also known as El Teo.

Authorities are reportedly using the help of trained dogs, genetic experts, and family members in an attempt to identify victims. The search will continue until Friday.