CPB Facts

While KJZZ receives the majority of its funding from listeners like you, 9% of our operating budget is from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). That funding is critically important to continue to inform, enlighten, and enrich our audience. As a public radio supporter, here are facts you should know:

  • The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is a private, non-profit corporation created by Congress in 1967 to provide free, quality, non-commercial media that informs, educates, enlightens, and enriches the public and to steward the federal government’s investment.
  • Public media is a system of independently owned and operated local radio and TV stations.
  • 70% of the CPB’s funding is distributed to over 1,500 local public radio and TV stations, many of which would not survive without that support.
  • The CPB provides grants for innovative local programs and improvements to public broadcasting.
  • The CPB contributes to National Public Radio (NPR). For a membership fee, public radio stations can choose to be become NPR member stations and air NPR programming
  • KJZZ receives $800,000 annually from the CPB, which provides grants for innovative KJZZ programming startups and initiatives like:
    • The Arizona Science and Innovation Desk
    • The award-winning Fronteras Desk, a multimedia collaboration between public radio stations across the Southwest



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