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Fear Steps In The Way Of Mexico’s Hunt For Human Traffickers
Mexican authorities have been grappling with their own immigration issues, including trying to stop humans from being smuggled into their country. It’s a problem that statistics may not be able to capture.
Jan. 6, 2020
County May Issue Written Opinion On Petersen Appeal
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors may give a more formal explanation of its vote to keep in place the suspension of Paul Petersen.
Jan. 6, 2020
Navajo Request Federal Funding To Hire Coroners
The Navajo Nation Council said it’s working with Congress to fund a medical examiners department. If successful, the tribe will be the first in the country with such a department.
Jan. 6, 2020
Lawmaker: Property Owners Shouldnt Need Border Wall Permits
The top Republican in the Arizona House of Representatives wants property owners who live along the U.S.-Mexico border to be able to build a border wall on their property without being required to obtain permits or inspections.
Jan. 6, 2020
DOJ, Immigration Judges Head To Hearing On Future Of Labor Union
The U.S. attorney general wields vast power over the immigration courts, and a labor union for judges who run those courts is headed for an existential showdown Tuesday with its members’ employer: the Department of Justice.
Jan. 3, 2020
Remain In Mexico Expands To Nogales, Sonora
For the first time Thursday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection started sending asylum seekers back to Nogales, Sonora, to wait for their cases to process. It’s part of the Migrant Protection Protocols, also known as the “Remain In Mexico” program.
Jan. 2, 2020
Phoenix Seeks Proposals To Reopen Mexico Trade Offices
Phoenix closed trade offices in two Mexican cities in 2019, and now officials say they’re looking for a firm to reopen them for much cheaper.
Jan. 1, 2020
4 Navajo Code Talkers Die In 2019, 5 Remain
In 2019, four Navajo Code Talkers died. That leaves only five who live to tell the story of their historic legacy. In 1942, 29 Navajos developed an unbreakable code that led to the end of World War II. More than 400 Navajos then executed it.
Jan. 1, 2020
Life After Coal: Moving On From The Navajo Generating Station
The Salt River Project announced it would close the Navajo Generating Station two years ago. That started a domino effect on the Navajo Nation. In November, the Kayenta Mine and the coal fired power plant closed, and hundreds of jobs were lost. Now new sources of energy are beginning to sprout.
Dec. 31, 2019
Police Chief Among 7 Arrested In Connection With La Mora Massacre
Mexican officials said Monday that they have arrested a total of seven suspects in the murder of nine women and children in Sonora last month, including the police chief of a small town near the U.S.-Mexico border.
Dec. 31, 2019
Mexico Pulls Ambassador From Bolivia Amid Spat Between Countries
Mexico’s foreign ministry says its ambassador in Bolivia will return to Mexico for her own safety after the Bolivian government declared her a “persona non grata.” The decision came amid an ongoing diplomatic spat.
Dec. 31, 2019
Conservationists: Mexican Failing To Protect Vaquita
Mexico has struggled for years to protect a nearly extinct porpoise from illegal fishing. In December, Mexico's Interior Department took charge of coordinating the government’s efforts. But some say it’s not enough.
Dec. 31, 2019
Diné College Wants To Open The First Law School At A Tribal College
Diné College on the Navajo Nation wants to open a law school. It would be the first of its kind and an important step in working to fill the need for Native American lawyers in the country — in tribal courts and elsewhere.
Dec. 30, 2019
Official: Feds Deny Request To Use Border Money For Shelter
The federal government has denied a request to use border security funding for a migrant shelter in Arizona.
Dec. 30, 2019
‘Baby Shark’ Creators Release Navajo Version
Creators of the video “Baby Shark,” whose “doo doo doo” song has been a viral hit with toddlers around the world, have released a Navajo version of the tune. Pinkfong announced it unveiled the new version Sunday after holding singing auditions on the Navajo Nation.
Dec. 29, 2019
Lesko: Remain In Mexico Keeps Asylum Seekers From Flooding Borders
Republican Arizona Rep. Debbie Lesko spoke out in defense of President Donald Trump’s "Remain In Mexico" policy for asylum seekers. In an appearance on "Cavuto Live" on Fox News on Saturday, Lesko said asylum seekers were abusing the system and needed to be controlled.
Dec. 29, 2019
Mexico Says Declining Apprehensions Point To Migration Plan Success
Declining migrant apprehensions along the U.S. border are a sign that Mexico’s policies are working, according to a top Mexican official. In response to a May threat from U.S. President Donald Trump to impose tariffs on Mexican imports, Mexico agreed to undertake an effort to reduce undocumented migration through the country.
Dec. 26, 2019
Late Rains Bring Relief For Sonoran Agriculture
Through the summer, Sonora’s dam system was at a deficit, spelling trouble for the state’s sizable agricultural sector, according to Lucas Antonio Oroz, the region’s technical director for the National Water Commission. But then intense fall rains changed that picture.
Dec. 26, 2019
After Record-Setting 2018, Zika Cases Plummet In Sonora
In 2018, Sonora, the Mexican state to Arizona’s south, had the unwelcome distinction of having the most cases of Zika in the country. But this year, things have changed.
Dec. 26, 2019
Parts Of Sonora Get White Christmas
As in Arizona, some high-elevation parts of Sonora — its neighbor to the south — are also enjoying a white Christmas. Video shows snow falling Christmas Eve in and near the roughly mile-high mining town of Cananea, an hour southwest of Bisbee.
Dec. 25, 2019