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Mexican Grape Growers Host Summit In Arizona
Grape growers from neighboring Sonora, Mexico, are hosting their annual spring summit in Arizona for the first time this year.
Mar. 13, 2019
Central American Migrants Missing In Northern Mexico
About 20 Central American migrants riding a bus through Mexico on their way to the U.S. disappeared last week. Some reports say they were kidnapped near the border with Texas by armed people, but the Mexican president has his own theories.
Mar. 13, 2019
AZ Lawmakers Urge Agreement On Mexican Tomatoes
Arizona Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally signed a letter in early March asking Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to protect Mexican tomato imports. Seven other members of Congress signed on to the letter.
Mar. 13, 2019
BioBlitz Sheds Light On Plant, Animal Life
Over a weekend in early March, more than 1,000 people from the United States and Mexico got together to document plant and animal life in the borderlands.
Mar. 13, 2019
ICWA Case Heads To Appeals Court
The Indian Child Welfare Act is facing its biggest legal challenge since the law was enacted more than four decades ago. More than 20 states have joined hundreds of tribes, advocacy groups and the federal agency overseeing Indian affairs to urge an appellate judge to uphold the law Wednesday.
Mar. 12, 2019
American Advocacy Group Meets With New Mexican Administration
One of the oldest advocacy organizations in the U.S. is leading one of the first American groups to meet face-to-face with the recently inaugurated Mexican president.
Mar. 12, 2019
Utah Lawmakers Introduce Legislation To Shrink Monuments
Utah lawmakers introduced legislation Tuesday that would limit the size and scope of the Antiquities Act to protect smaller parcels of land with the buy-in of local communities and states.
Mar. 12, 2019
With AZ
By the end of this month, two ranches in Sonora — Arizona’s Mexican neighbor to the south — will have game camera systems installed in a binational project with Arizona. That will help wildlife officials in both states monitor binational species.
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Mar. 12, 2019
Is Venezuela An Apple Of Discord Between Mexico, U.S.?
The U.S. and Mexico have become the promised land for many Venezuelans escaping from their current government. But when the political and humanitarian crisis escalated in the South American nation, Mexico and the U.S. faced each other with different diplomatic approaches.
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Mar. 11, 2019
Biologist: Outlook Grim For Endangered Porpoise
Biologist Jorge Urban said last week that there could be fewer than 22 vaquita marina porpoises left in the Sea of Cortez. That’s down from about 30 recorded two years ago. He also said that unless new actions are taken, the vaquita marina could be extinct in a matter of months.
Mar. 11, 2019
Some Migrants Turned Away From Greyhound Stations
A volunteer helping newly released migrants taken to the Phoenix Greyhound bus station says some migrants were turned away Friday morning because the station’s manager capped how long people can wait inside the terminal.
Mar. 8, 2019
Will Weekend Bring Another Wave Of Migrant Family Drop-Offs At Greyhound Station?
Some Phoenix-area churches and activists face the prospect of scrambling to help migrant families in need of food and shelter, should federal authorities again drop them them off at the Greyhound bus station.
Mar. 8, 2019
Tribal Law Enforcement Understaffed, Underfunded
Arizona tribal leaders told a House SubCommittee Thursday they need more officers to keep their communities safe. The panel was listening to pleas from many tribes across the United States.
Mar. 7, 2019
Arsenic In Hopi Water Is Three Times The Legal Limit
Many of the Hopi have been drinking tap water laced with high levels of arsenic for decades. The Hopi chairman told a House subcommittee Thursday the project to pipe clean water to the tribe has stalled out, as other tribes requested funds.
Mar. 7, 2019
It’s International Women’s Day — But Not Many Celebrate In Mexico
For International Women’s Day, Mexico could celebrate it’s Congress’s nearly 50-50 gender parity. But many in the neighboring nation expect more equality and justice for women.
Mar. 7, 2019
Mexico Closes 5 Immigrant Detention Centers
Mexico’s federal immigration agency shuttered five of its detention centers late last month, as the agency’s new chief says he wants to improve the treatment of undocumented migrants.
Mar. 6, 2019
Sonoran Desert Inspires Researchers To
The group Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers is bringing scientists together to influence policy and raise public awareness about the region’s biological diversity.
Mar. 6, 2019
 Mexico Denies To Have Migration Agreement With U.S.
Some analysts think the U.S. and Mexico have an agreement to reduce Central American migration. But the Mexican government says this is not part of any pact with the United States.
Mar. 4, 2019
Wave Of ICE Releases Forces Advocates To Scramble
Advocates said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement released hundreds more migrants and asylum seekers this weekend than the agency had told volunteers to expect, and the system to help them was overwhelmed by the volume.
Mar. 3, 2019
Border Aid Workers Get Probation, $250 Fine
Four humanitarian aid workers received probation and will have to pay $250 fines after they were convicted for leaving food and water for people illegally crossing the Mexican border through a wildlife refuge in Arizona.
Mar. 1, 2019