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Arizona, Sonora Ink Deal To Draw More Filmmakers
Arizona and Sonora have teamed up to draw more film and digital media production to the region. One idea is to show directors they can capture any scene they need within a 300-mile radius.
Jun. 27, 2019
Impunity, Crime And Budget Cuts Threat The Mexican Press
In Mexico, many journalists suffer from violence for doing their job, and despite the president’s promise to eradicate those crimes, attacks on the press continue and the murder rate grows.
Jun. 26, 2019
SW Members Of Congress Decry Produce Protection Measures
A group of 23 members of Congress, including much of Arizona’s delegation, recently penned a letter decrying the potential impacts of protectionist agricultural policies.
Jun. 25, 2019
Sonora To Receive 1,800 National Guard Members
Mexico’s new National Guard force will be sent to Sonora, Arizona’s Mexican neighbor to the south. The newly formed security force will deploy 1,800 members to the state in early July. That’s according to a recent announcement from the state’s Gov. Claudia Pavlovich.
Jun. 25, 2019
Mexico Will Create A Forensic Institute In Sonora
Mexican authorities announced Monday they are creating a regional forensic institute in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, to address a growing problem with unidentified bodies in the country.
Jun. 25, 2019
Arizona-Mexico Commission Summit Starts Wednesday
The Arizona-Mexico Commission officially starts its 60th birthday celebration Wednesday at a resort in the north part of the Valley. Governors, members of Congress and a former Mexican Ambassador to the United States are scheduled to take part in the so-called summit.
Jun. 25, 2019
Mexico Auctions State And Crime-Owned Properties
For years, the Mexican government has auctioned properties taken from criminals. The current administration is also auctioning dozens of state-owned properties, including places where drug lords were arrested or killed.
Jun. 24, 2019
Trump Delays Immigration Raids
President Donald Trump's decision to postpone immigration sweeps caps a week of build-up to potential mass round-ups. Trump said Monday that efforts to deport millions of people would soon start.
Jun. 22, 2019
Will There Be ICE Raids This Weekend?
An immigrant sanctuary leader says reports that the Trump administration may launch raids this weekend against thousands of people facing deportation have raised awareness among Arizona activists, but the potential threat is the new normal.
Jun. 21, 2019
Mexican Airline To Help Return Central American Migrants
Mexican discount airline Volaris is offering to fly immigrants from Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica back to their countries of origin.
Jun. 21, 2019
Mexico Invests In Trees In El Salvador To Fight Migration Crisis
Mexico continues the expansion of its operations to detain and deport migrants. But its president also started his parallel strategy to fight migration, by investing — on trees — in Central America.
Jun. 21, 2019
Potentially Crippling Sonoran Strike Called Off
One of Sonora’s largest unions has called off a threatened July strike after a number of its demands were met.
Jun. 20, 2019
After Duties Started, Nogales Tomato Imports Rose In May
After a nearly 18 percent duty was imposed on imported Mexican tomatoes in early May, some worried that imports would drop and prices would rise.
Jun. 20, 2019
Remain In Mexico Program Headed To Sonora
The United States is expanding a program that has sent thousands of asylum seekers back to Mexico while their cases are processed in immigration court. Now, Sonora, Mexico will start receiving some of those asylum seekers in the coming weeks.
Jun. 19, 2019
Border Hub Debuts Investigative Reporting Project In Sonora
A binational Border Hub program is hosting a forum in Sonora, Mexico, Friday to help local journalists bolster their investigative reporting skills. The project is meant to give Mexican journalists tools to safely fight corruption and support transparency in the border region.
Jun. 19, 2019
60th Arizona-Mexico Commission Meeting Comes After Months Of Trade Anxiety
Govs. Doug Ducey and Claudia Pavlovich traded friendly compliments at the last meeting of the Arizona-Mexico Commission. But they’ve since had to confront a host of national political issues.
Jun. 19, 2019
AZ, Sonoran Governors Urge Ratification Of New NAFTA Deal
In letters sent to Mexican and American officials, Sonora and Arizona’s governors asked each countries’ leaders to ratify the renegotiated NAFTA deal, known as the USMCA.
Jun. 19, 2019
What You Need To Know About Migration From Mexico Right Now
As large numbers of migrant families are being apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border and the Trump administration ramps up its rhetoric, Fronteras Desk reporter Michel Marizco breaks down the latest immigration news.
Jun. 19, 2019
Mexican Senator: Bad Tomato Deal Could Imperil New NAFTA
A high-ranking Mexican senator is warning his American counterparts that an unresolved tomato dispute could imperil the renegotiated NAFTA — or USMCA — deal.
Jun. 18, 2019
Phoenix, UA Delegations Visit Mexico City
Two Arizonan committees are on a business trip in Mexico City. One of them is from Phoenix and focuses on innovation and trade, while the other is from Tucson and looks to strengthen research and education.
Jun. 18, 2019