The Trump administration is getting closer to agreeing with Mexico and Canada on the required percentage of American components for cars sold in the United States.
March 21, 2018
Activists in Arizona and other states have called on Greyhound Lines Inc. to stop letting U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents board buses to search for undocumented immigrants, arguing the company has a constitutional right to deny agents access.
March 21, 2018
Mexico's current presidency has seen the most violent attacks against the press in the country's recent memory, according to a study released Tuesday by the international human rights group Article 19.
Jury selection started Tuesday morning in the Tucson murder trial of a U.S. Border Patrol agent accused of placing his gun between the bars of the U.S.-Mexico border wall and shooting and killing a Mexican teenager in 2012.
Karina Ruiz
The U.S. Supreme Court decided on Monday to not hear Arizona’s appeal in a long-running effort to keep undocumented immigrants in the DACA program from having driver’s licenses.
A U.S. Border Patrol agent accused of killing a Mexican teenager by firing through the border fence into Mexico 16 times will stand trial Tuesday for the murder.
The U.S. State Department has banned American government employees from a handful of neighborhoods in Mexico’s Caribbean tourist destination of Playa del Carmen, citing an ongoing security threat.
Fabricated or misleading information has become a concern in Mexico, where the local and presidential elections will be held in July. Several organizations have united to try to stop its negative effects on local voters.
The union that Border Patrol agent Chris Harris is a member of endorsed Donald Trump for president. On Tuesday, the commander-in-chief visited California to get his first in-person look at the border wall prototypes. Trump’s gesture meant a lot to border patrol agents, Harris said.
Gabriel Rico, a visual artist based in Guadalajara, in his studio
In Phoenix and Guadalajara, Mexico, two nonprofits work to make artists curious about what the two cities have in common.
When President Donald Trump visits Southern California to get his first up-close look at the border wall prototypes, protesters and supporters will be there to greet him.
Hopi Tribe
Flagstaff leaders met with tribal, county, state and federal officials Monday to discuss how to resolve a long-standing land commitment to the Hopi Tribe.
A migrant farm worker from Mexico harvests organic spinach.
Arizona had the second highest number of guest farmworkers in the country during the first quarter of the fiscal year that started in October.
The mining industry filed two petitions Friday with the U.S. Supreme Court asking for review of a ban on uranium mining on land surrounding Grand Canyon National Park.
Hopi Tribe
City and county officials will meet in Flagstaff on Monday to discuss whether thousands of acres of national forest land will transfer to the state. The land swap would settle a long-standing federal commitment to the Hopi.