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A memorial in Austin, Texas is being built to remember the descendants of Spanish explorers who first settled the region. The 550-square-foot monument will be the largest of its kind on the grounds of any state capitol in the country.
Chevron, USA is the latest in a series of companies asked to clean up the pollution on the Indian reservation, which has spread to neighboring properties and water wells.
“To me that is by far the most interesting allegation made in this motion...because the motion makes representation that a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa Cartel was in fact promised immunity by the federal government,” said Lawrence Rosenthal, a law professor.
There is a worldwide shortage of of antivenom, in part, because there is little economic incentive for drug companies to produce it. Despite the expense and challenge, a Mexican company is a leader in the production of anti-venom and wants to sell it to the world, including the United States. In the last of a two-part series exploring this public health issue, travel to Mexico to learn how horses are key to producing the antivenom.
There are nearly 40,000 people in immigration detention around the country on any given day. About 15 percent of them suffer from mental illness -- the same percentage seen in the wider prison population. But unlike in federal or state prisons, there's little oversight or regulation of medical treatment in immigrant detention facilities. And that's led to some people being lost in the system.
During the recent federal debt ceiling debate in Washington D.C., Tea Party members of Congress have been instrumental in the negotiations towards a deal. George Rodríguez, president of the San Antonio Tea Party, is inviting fellow Latinos to embrace the small government approach.
Antivenom is dangerously low or exhausted in many parts of the U.S. In the first part of a series looking at this public health issue, it turns out the solution may be a drug from Mexico credited with saving lives throughout the Southwest "Venom Belt."
Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez is accused of ordering the shooting that killed a U.S. consulate worker and a sheriff's deputy from El Paso in Juarez last year.
The State Bar of California is contemplating whether to admit a new lawyer to its ranks: An undocumented immigrant who passed the tough bar exam in 2009.
It's been a year since three inmates escaped a private prison in northern Arizona. Since then, many have debated whether private prisons actually save taxpayers money.
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake team up, AGAIN, to do a history of rap, part II. Pure awesomeness.
ATF leaders appeared before Congress Tuesday morning during a hearing into Operation Fast and Furious. A report details how dozens of weapons were found linked to crimes in Mexico. The leaders avoided hard questions as to who was ultimately is responsible for the scandal.
Police suspect guards may have helped inmates sneak weapons inside the Juarez municipal jail, which were used in a riot that left 17 dead.
Officers located a 15 year old girl who was reported missing since May, as well as four unaccompanied underage girls.
For years, Arizona's immigration-enforcement charge has been lead by senior lawmakers. But this year, many of the most aggressive immigration bills were crafted by a little known freshman state Senator Steve Smith. Now, he’s spearheading a fundraising campaign to use private donations and inmate labor for a new fence along the U.S.-Mexico border.