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The agency announced the temporary measure as it considers a permanent ban.
"Clearly the concern is that a weapon, two weapons, were found at the homicide scene where Brian Terry was murdered and that those weapons had been part of Operation Fast and Furious."
Despite some recent reforms, some states say the "Secure Communities" program is making their policing efforts more difficult.
Agents from the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms testified they tried to stop the gun walking program.
Aggravating the fire season this year is a severe drought, which is especially hurting southern New Mexico.
He survived four assassination attempts, including a kidnapping, in Mexico.
In response to criticism, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials announced today a series of reforms to its Secure Communities program, intended to get rid of immigrants who are dangerous criminals.
June 17th marks 40 years since President Richard Nixon declared a "War on Drugs." Today, drug policy represents one of the most contested issues in America and Mexico.
A new youth orchestra in this Mexican border city recently debuted as part of an effort to steer the next generation away from violence.
One of the biggest ongoing problems is their pastureland. All of it burned away.
The fact is that when you buy pot on the black market, there's usually no way to know where it came from.
The reptile meat goes for as much as $50 in the black market, but it isn't an endangered species.
On any given day, there are about 37,000 immigrants in detention throughout the U.S. Before they get deported, many are often transferred to remote jails.
The U.S. Forest Service in Arizona has teamed up with several collaborators – including the timber industry – to find a cost effective way to return the landscape to its original state and prevent future catastrophic fires.
New Juárez Police Chief Julian Leyzaola promises to restore order in the city and win the trust of its citizens.