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Officials along the border recount the changes along the U.S.-Mexico border and the changes in store for the future.
Benjamin Arellano-Felix, one of the most wanted and brutal drug cartel bosses, was extradited to the United States from Mexico today to face charges in San Diego.
For the first time, the warning pinpointed Rocky Point. Fear and a bad economy drove away American tourists in past years. This travel warning hasn't helped. Few visitors can be found on the streets.
Chiles are the state treasure of New Mexico. Now their authenticity is protected by state law. Governor Susana Martinez signed legislation in April that could send anyone caught lying about selling the real thing to jail.
A higher than average runoff from the Rocky mountains to the Colorado River this spring will make water more plentiful than usual in states like Nevada, California and parts of Arizona. But the Rio Grande River is getting almost nothing from the melting snow.
A truck driver was sentenced today in San Diego for helping distribute more than 19,000 pounds of marijuana smuggled from Mexico.
Thousands of immigrants and refugees settling in Southern California are medical professionals like doctors, dentists and nurses. Many are working on getting credentials to practice the healing arts in the U.S.
There are accusations of breach of contract and transgressions on both sides. But both sides can agree that the Skywalk is drawing tourists.
For the fifth straight year, the U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning for Americans going to Mexico. But this warning is more strongly worded and suggests that in some parts of Mexico, Americans are being targeted.
A recent report by a government watchdog reveals a hole in border security. The report says most southbound border lanes headed into Mexico lack license plate readers.
Federal agents arrested the father-son owners of a popular string of restaurants in Arizona and California, Wednesday morning. They are accused of hiring illegal immigrants and paying them under the table.
After three weeks of patrolling county lines by aircraft, Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he plans to scrap Operation Desert Sky in which volunteers have boarded their own airplanes to look for drugs and smugglers crossing the Maricopa County Border.
The Mexican government began battling the drug cartels in that country five years ago. According to recently released Wikileaks cables, the Mexican government was denying access to U.S. law enforcement agencies to the weapons seized in Mexico.
As the Southwestern region grapples with the results of the 2010 Census count, California is trying a new approach to political redistricting.
Blood is in high demand in Mexican hospitals these days. The terrible drug violence plaguing the country has created an increase in patients with life threatening injuries, like gunshot wounds.