Erin Brockovich spoke to a crowd gathered at Shiprock High School about taking a stand. She said all it takes is one person.
September 09, 2015
Electric Reliability Council of Texas
Arizona is nation’s largest producer of solar energy per capita, in large part due to the state’s renewable energy mandate that forces utilities to buy solar and wind energy. But the state that leads the nation in wind power — Texas — is now flirting with the notion of eliminating its mandate, one that analysts say has paved the way for Texas to embrace wind power.
July 10, 2015
The United States and Mexico are preparing to launch a program that would speed up commercial border crossings by allowing customs agents from both countries to conduct pre-inspections on foreign soil.
June 05, 2015
We know that too much salt is bad for your diet. It's also bad for growing crops. Salty soil is a common problem for farmers in the arid West. It only gets worse during a drought when there's not enough water to flush the salts out. In New Mexico one crop that's suffering is the state's beloved chile pepper.
June 01, 2015
An ex-Los Angeles police officer wanted for murder is being held in an El Paso County jail after being arrested across the border in Mexico. His arrest was a result of a months-long bi-national investigation.
May 27, 2015
Twenty-two young Native American women will compete for the Miss Indian World title this week in Albuquerque. Similar to Miss America the winner will represent all indigenous people throughout North America. But it’s not your typical pageant.
April 22, 2015
water storage bucket
Thousands of mostly poor Hispanic people live in border communities called colonias with no access to running water or electricity. Now the Obama administration wants the four border states that receive federal funds for colonias to increase spending there by 50 percent.
April 17, 2015
A federal court ruled Monday in favor of Indian families saying South Dakota violated the Indian Child Welfare Act when it didn’t allow families their day in court. This case could affect similar cases throughout the United States.
March 31, 2015
Old cars that have little resale value in the U.S. are being towed in caravans that begin in California, Arizona and Texas and end up in Guatemala. The vehicles are fixed up there and sold across Central America. The process represents a small but sustainable economy in one particularly impoverished section of Guatemala on that country’s northern border with Mexico. But the risks travelers face on the week long trip are severe.
March 31, 2015
As of this month, Native American tribes across the country are allowed to prosecute crimes against women in their own courts, even if the perpetrator is non-native. Over the past year, three tribes have been piloting ways to do this that honor both tribal and federal law.
March 16, 2015


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