Mexico and the U.S. are working on a broad deal that would better manage water from the Colorado River.
November 14, 2011
José Francisco Blake Mora started his political career in the border state of Baja California before rising to the No. 2 position in Mexico's government.
November 14, 2011
About 500 people have gone missing in Tijuana and the nearby region since 2007. Some at the hands of local criminals; others by drug cartels. Family members of the disappeared are pressuring law enforcement to solve the crimes.
November 09, 2011
Mexican federal officials have arrested a top drug cartel member in Tijuana, allegedly responsible for countless deaths and a wave of violence in 2008.
November 07, 2011
The Mexican Tourism Board launched a campaign Friday to persuade Americans that - despite the on-going drug war - Mexico is a safe, fun place to vacation.
November 04, 2011
The "surf fence" along the U.S.-Mexico border that extends into the ocean is undergoing reconstruction, despite some environmental concerns.
November 03, 2011
An April 2010 email states: “ATF let a bunch of guns walk in effort to get upstream conspirators but only got straws and didn’t recover many guns.”
November 01, 2011
There’s a hot cultural trend among young Mexican-Americans: "Movimiento Alterado," which finds its inspiration in the brutal Mexican drug cartels. It is being compared to early hip-hop - which also had music at the core - and it has spread into fashion and language.
October 24, 2011
A year-and-a-half since a 7.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed parts of Mexicali on Mexico's northern border, the U.S. and Mexico will join efforts in earthquake research and preparedness.
October 20, 2011
Jimmy Hoffa Jr. was joined by Congressmen Bob Filner and Duncan Hunter, showing bipartisan distress with new trucking access.
October 19, 2011


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