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Polls indicate Hispanics, who tend to vote Democrat, are undecided about who they'll support in the next presidential election. That's certainly the case in New Mexico where White House officials recently visited to discuss issues important to the local Latino community.
October 28, 2011
The top Asian countries immigrants come from are Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. But those of Chinese descent still make up the largest Asian ethnic group in the United States — nearly 4 million.
October 27, 2011
A newly formed group of moderate conservatives gathered in Albuquerque, New Mexico over the weekend to discuss ideas to on how capture a larger portion of the Latino vote. The consensus: Immigration is a key issue that stands between Republicans and the Hispanic vote.
September 26, 2011
The U.S. dollar was worth nearly 14 Mexican pesos. That represents a nearly 12 percent drop for the peso since August.
September 23, 2011
Hispanics have a long-standing tradition of backing the Democratic Party, but a new group started this year wants to change that.
September 23, 2011
The judge ruled the law would cause irreparable harm to the applicants.
September 01, 2011
A national civil rights organization is challenging New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez's efforts to verify whether foreign nationals with driver's licenses actually live in the state. MALDEF has filed a lawsuit claiming the policy is unconstitutional.
August 25, 2011
Foreign-born drivers have about two weeks to show they live in the state of New Mexico or else their driver's licenses will be canceled. It's all part of an effort by Gov. Susana Martinez to prevent fraud in a system that allows illegal immigrants to legally obtain a license.
August 22, 2011
The crowd included dairy farm workers, day laborers and nannies waving American flags. The governor argues that the current law invites out of state criminals to obtain the state driver's license fraudulently.
August 17, 2011
Southern New Mexico is expected to become a commercial transportation hub for every day products. Union Pacific is set to begin construction on the largest rail facility along the U.S.-Mexico border.
August 09, 2011


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