Marina Marmolejo will join the bench in Laredo, right across from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico — her hometown. She was sworn in as a U.S. citizen in 1995.
October 06, 2011
The school from Monterrey was told to pay $30,000 to safely cross the border. Instead, school officials canceled the game.
September 20, 2011
Residents stayed indoors last year to celebrate Mexico's 200 years of independence. This year, the city is spending nearly $500,000 on everything from security to entertainment. There were no immediate reports of problems with the celebration.
September 16, 2011
Most moms know "breast is best". But putting that saying into practice can be hard. A new support center for moms has opened in the Mexican border city of Juarez. The goal is to increase the amount of time moms breast-feed their children, the benefits of which can extend into adulthood.
September 06, 2011
The fire chief of Alamo, Texas said the continuing drug violence in Mexico makes it too dangerous for his men. Firefighters will respond to calls near the Rio Grande during the day only with the Border Patrol.
August 24, 2011
A memorial in Austin, Texas is being built to remember the descendants of Spanish explorers who first settled the region. The 550-square-foot monument will be the largest of its kind on the grounds of any state capitol in the country.
August 03, 2011
There is a worldwide shortage of of antivenom, in part, because there is little economic incentive for drug companies to produce it. Despite the expense and challenge, a Mexican company is a leader in the production of anti-venom and wants to sell it to the world, including the United States. In the last of a two-part series exploring this public health issue, travel to Mexico to learn how horses are key to producing the antivenom.
August 02, 2011
During the recent federal debt ceiling debate in Washington D.C., Tea Party members of Congress have been instrumental in the negotiations towards a deal. George Rodríguez, president of the San Antonio Tea Party, is inviting fellow Latinos to embrace the small government approach.
July 31, 2011
Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez is accused of ordering the shooting that killed a U.S. consulate worker and a sheriff's deputy from El Paso in Juarez last year.
July 31, 2011
Federal immigration officials have discretionary power to give a pass to military spouses, who are in the U.S. illegally, so they could process paperwork here and not have to leave. That pass is called parole in place.
July 11, 2011


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