Phoenix Mayor: Others Need To Step Up On Homelessness
Some business owners in Phoenix are frustrated with the impact of homelessness on their properties. Recently, they took their concerns to City Hall and got some attention, but they want to see more action — and so does the city.
Q&A: Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Addresses Homelessness
Feb. 7, 2020
United Airlines Purchases Flight School In Phoenix
United Airlines has purchased a flight school in Phoenix as part of a nationwide effort to train more commercial pilots. The company hopes to train and hire 10,000 new pilots by 2029.
Feb. 6, 2020
Clothing Company Apologizes For Using Navajo Nation Seal Design
Clothing retailer MadHappy has removed its Aspen, Colorado, sweatshirt from its store after more than a dozen Navajos claimed the design copied the Navajo Nation seal. The sweatshirt features four colored mountains and two flowers at the bottom. The Nation’s director of economic development emailed the company last week citing copyright infringement.
Feb. 6, 2020
Motel 6, MALDEF Seek Settlement Approval Friday
A Latino civil rights group and Motel 6 hope to get final approval Friday of a multimillion-dollar lawsuit settlement over sharing guest information with immigration authorities, but the Arizona Attorney General’s Office wants a federal judge to deny the request.
Feb. 6, 2020
AZ-Based TGen Developing New Test For Coronavirus
Arizona scientists are working on a test to help detect the novel coronavirus that has sickened nearly 30,000 people worldwide. The test is being developed by the infectious disease division of the Translational Genomics Research Center.
Feb. 6, 2020
Navajo Casino Hosts Job Fair
The Twin Arrows Casino east of Flagstaff is hosting a job fair Friday. The Navajo casino and resort is hiring people for positions in food and beverage, hotel, accounting, security, table games and other areas. Officials with the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise say jobs include competitive salaries, health and retirement benefits, plus on-the-job training and health club memberships.
Feb. 6, 2020
Women Unite With Blankets To Heal From Violence, Raise Awareness
A group of women from all over the world have found a way to connect and share concerns and experiences with violence: They are sewing a giant blanket. The project, which started in Mexico, will soon visit the United States. Marietta Bernstorff is an artist and activist leading the Patchwork Healing Blanket project.
Feb. 6, 2020
How Non-Citizens May Not Count In Redistricting
The Trump Administration had attempted to add a citizenship question to the census form but the Supreme Court stepped in to disallow it. The effort was seen as a way to make non-citizens and immigrants less comfortable and less likely to answer. Now a different attempt has been underway — one that would only count eligible voters in the census.
Feb. 6, 2020
Experts: Rising Heat-Related Deaths A Symptom Of Other Social Problems
How hot is too hot when it comes to indoor heat? The numbers are in, and they are up: 190 people died in Maricopa County last year from heat-related causes. It’s the highest number since the county began recording such data back in 2006.
Feb. 6, 2020
Report Gives Phoenix Low Grades For Its Financial State
Phoenix was near the bottom of a new ranking of the financial state of American cities. The group Truth in Accounting looked at the 75 most populous cities, and found 63 of them did not have enough money to pay their bills, Phoenix among them. Sheila Weinberg, founder and CEO of Truth in Accounting, joined The Show to talk about it.Accounting.
Feb. 6, 2020
3,000 More APS Customers Will Get Rate Tool Refunds
More APS customers than previously reported may have been affected by bad advice doled out by the company’s online rate comparison tool. Corporation commissioners are also considering recommending jail time for the managers of Johnson Utilities in Pinal County.
Feb. 6, 2020
How Eco-Friendly Hotel Policies Can Hurt Housekeepers
If you’ve stayed in a hotel in recent years, you’ve undoubtedly come across the signs or laminated pieces of paper providing information on how to use or reuse your towels. But that choice can come with consequences for housekeepers. Sandy Villatoro, a union shop steward and housekeeper at the Sheraton Phoenix downtown, joined The Show to talk about the concerns.
Feb. 6, 2020
Much of what we hear about refugees today focuses on policies. How many refugees will be taken in? How many more are waiting for their day in court? But, for those refugees who have fled their home countries and settled here in the United States, the road is far from easy. For many refugees here in the Valley, that’s where Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest comes in.
Feb. 6, 2020
Peoria Testing Self-Driving Electric Shuttle Service
Peoria will be the testing ground for an autonomous shuttle service later this month. The Peoria City Council on Tuesday unanimously voted to fund a pilot program with Beep, a Florida-based autonomous mobility solutions company.
Feb. 6, 2020
Arizonas Teacher Shortage Means Schools Must Get Creative
Arizona is in the midst of a severe teacher shortage that has been steady — if not growing — for years. And some schools have had to get creative to fill the gaps. But thousands of teachers in classrooms don’t meet state certification requirements.
Feb. 6, 2020
Drivers Could Soon Pay Traffic Fines With Community Service
Arizona drivers who are fined for traffic violations could soon have another option for paying their fines. On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee voted to approve legislation allowing those drivers to work off at least part of their fine.
Feb. 6, 2020
House Panel Moves Food Tampering Bill Forward
The House Judiciary Committee voted Wednesday to make it a felony to tamper with food products and post a video online. This comes after a video went viral last year, showing a Texas shopper licking a carton of ice cream and putting it back on a store shelf.
Feb. 6, 2020
GOP Bill Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions Refuses To Cap Premium Hikes
Republicans have led the charge to repeal the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare — which could be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court later this year. Now in Arizona, some of those same Republicans say they are building a "safeguard" to replace the ACA's popular protection for those with pre-existing medical conditions.
Feb. 6, 2020
WATCH: Trump Speaks Following Acquittal
President Donald Trump addressed the nation a day after the Senate acquitted him of both articles of impeachment.
Sinema Votes To Convict; McSally To Acquit
Feb. 6, 2020
Bill Aims To Improve Assisted Living Training Standards
A bill at the Arizona Capitol is aimed to protect the rapidly growing number of patients needing assisted-living care. Sen. Tyler Pace's Caregiver Training Bill would tighten the licensing process by requiring assisted-living caregivers receive no less than 62 hours of on-the-job medically supervised training before being certified to work solo at an Arizona facility.
Feb. 6, 2020