Major Questions Unanswered In Texas Helicopter Shooting Of Immigrants
December 18, 2012

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- As the investigation continues into the Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter shooting that killed two Guatemalan immigrants, a South Texas district attorney says the most important question will never be answered.

On Oct. 25, Texas troopers were giving chase to a pickup truck through a deserted stretch of the Rio Grande Valley.

Also in hot pursuit was a Department of Public Safety helicopter. Looking to stop the truck officers suspected was carrying a load of drugs, a sharp shooter in the chopper opened fire. Two undocumented immigrants were killed in the gunfire. There were no drugs.

Hidalgo County District Attorney Rene Guerra formed a grand jury to look into the shooting. He wants to see why the call was made to open fire.

“When the officer was cleared to shoot there were no other people in danger," Guerra said. "And it’s always going to be a question as to was it prudent to shoot from the helicopter, was it necessary, and should the officer have done it?”

Guerra met Tuesday with Texas Rangers investigating the case. He said they are looking to document the chain of events but it’s unlikely there will be any criminal charges. And Guerra said he thinks we won’t be hearing about any more Texas chopper shootings.

“If I’m a betting man, I’m going to bet there’s not going to be any more shootings from a helicopter," Guerra said.

However he said the DPS has not officially changed their helicopter shooting policy.

Guerra said he expects the DPS internal investigation into the incident to be completed by mid-January.