EPA Cleans Up National Park Haze
July 04, 2012

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. -- The Environmental Protection Agency has approved part of Arizona’s air quality plan to control sulfur dioxide and soot at three power plants in the state -- Apache, Cholla and Coronado Generating Stations. The EPA added pollution controls for nitrogen oxide at those plants.

EPA Air Director Deborah Jordan said these retrofits will improve visibility and clear up the air visitors breathe at 18 national parks and wilderness areas, including the Grand Canyon. Some power plant managers have complained that the cost of these scrubbers could shut plants down.

"We don’t expect these retrofits to shut plants down, however we certainly would want to hear from facility owners if they’re concerned if they can’t afford these retrofits, because EPA does not want to shut plants down in Arizona," Jordan said.

People concerned about the issue have until the end of August to comment on the proposal. Air quality plans for the Navajo Generating Station and the Four Corners plant are still in the works.