After Recall, Ex-Arizona State Senator Pearce Will Run Again
March 20, 2012

Photo by Devin Browne
Russell Pearce greets a supporter from West Bend, Wisconsin after announcing that he will run again for state senate.

PHOENIX -- The sponsor of Arizona’s signature immigration bill SB 1070 announced Monday night he will run again for state senate. This is just months after he was ousted from his position as state senate president in a recall election.

Former Senate President Russell Pearce told a room full of supporters that even though he’s been having fun since his recall - giving speeches across the country for his group Ban Amnesty Now and hosting his own radio show, "The Russell Pearce Show" - there is a time to go back to work.

He’ll run for state senate in a primary in a newly drawn, yet still conservative district 25 in Mesa against Republican businessman Bob Worsley. Worsley created the in-flight catalogue company Skymall and is active with a Latino Mormon church in Mesa.

Pearce lost in the recall election to Jerry Lewis, another local leader in the Mormon community.