Fewer Than Half Of CA Pharmacies Give Correct Info On Drug Disposal
Incorrect disposal of prescription drugs can contribute to antibiotic resistance, poisoning, water pollution and misuse. But a new study in the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine” reports fewer than half of California pharmacies give proper guidance.
Jan. 6, 2020
Phoenix To Bid On NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four
As a host of mega sporting events, Arizona has welcomed Super Bowls, the PGA Tour, NASCAR and the NBA All-Star Game. Now, plans are underway to attract the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four.
Jan. 6, 2020
Arizona Is Facing A Critical Blood Shortage
Arizona is facing a widespread blood shortage as the holiday and flu seasons make it harder for people to donate. Sue Thew is with Vitalant, the blood provider that supplies 90% of blood in Arizona. She says the situation is dire and donors are needed as soon as possible.
Jan. 5, 2020
Arrest Made In Connection With Tucson Death
Deputies in Pima County have arrested a person they say is connected to the death of a man whose remains were found in Pima Canyon. The remains may have been partially eaten by mountain lions.
Jan. 4, 2020
How Phoenix Reduced Officer-Involved Shootings By 60%
In 2018, Phoenix police were involved in 44 shootings that took 22 lives, the most in the nation. But that changed drastically in 2019.
Jan. 3, 2020
Oil Prices Increase Following Drone Strike That Killed Irans Top Military Leader
A U.S. military drone strike that killed Iran’s top military leader is already leading to increased crude oil prices. While the price of Brent Crude, the international benchmark, is trading up, AAA Arizona said Arizonans should not expect to see immediate increases at the pump.
Jan. 3, 2020
DOJ, Immigration Judges Head To Hearing On Future Of Labor Union
The U.S. attorney general wields vast power over the immigration courts, and a labor union for judges who run those courts is headed for an existential showdown Tuesday with its members’ employer: the Department of Justice.
Jan. 3, 2020
What The New Solar Requirement Means For Housing In California
As of Jan. 1, every new home or three-story residential building in California has to have its energy powered by solar sources.
Jan. 3, 2020
BCBS Now Serves 200,000 Arizona Medicaid Patients
200,000 Medicaid patients will now be a part of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. The patients had been served by Dallas-based Steward Health Choice Arizona, which was acquired by BCBS.
Jan. 3, 2020
How Trump Pushed The 9th Circuit To The Right
Long a target of conservatives, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has seen a shift during the Trump Administration, as a number of openings on the panel have been filled by more conservative Trump appointees.
Jan. 3, 2020
How Phoenix Could Embrace Its Extreme Heat
While national media outlets penned apocalyptic pieces about the heat here, professor and author Tom Zoellner completed a thru-hike of the Arizona Trail. He suggests Arizonans start thinking about summers differently.
Jan. 3, 2020
Trying To Even Out the Mullet Economy
Yancey Strickler, a co-founder and former CEO of the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, had noticed the neighborhood was changing. And that got him thinking about what that might mean. Those thoughts led to his new book, called "This Could be Our Future: A Manifesto for a More Generous World."
Jan. 3, 2020
AZ Highways Tells Story Behind North Rims Ken Patrick Trail
Robert Stieve, editor-in-chief of Arizona Highways Magazine, wrote about Ken Patrick in the January edition of the magazine, which is dedicated to the Grand Canyon.
Jan. 3, 2020
How Phoenix Can Talk About Creating A Citizen Review Board
The Phoenix City Council is considering creating a citizen review board to oversee the city’s police department. The idea has been gaining steam since a series of incidents involving use of force and racist social media posts put the department in the spotlight.
Jan. 3, 2020
KJZZs Friday NewsCap Jan. 3, 2020
KJZZ's Friday NewsCap revisits some of the biggest stories of the week. The Show discussed the week in news with communications consultant Julie Erfle of Erfle Uncuffed; and former State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jaime Molera of Molera Alvarez.
Jan. 3, 2020
Hundreds Of Temporary Census Jobs Available At Tempe Call Center
The federal government has contracted with Pearl Interactive Network to hire 764 workers in the Phoenix area for a call center that will field questions from people filling out the census online.
Jan. 3, 2020
Ruling Expected Soon In Pinal Transportation Tax Case
A ruling is expected soon on the legality of a 2017 voter initiative that would give Pinal County the authority to collect taxes and spend the funds on transportation infrastructure.
Jan. 3, 2020
Tempe-Based NortonLifeLock Plans Layoffs In Texas, California
Tempe-based software company NortonLifeLock is planning layoffs in two states to cut costs.
Jan. 3, 2020
Phoenix-Based U-Haul To Stop Hiring Nicotine Users
The moving company U-Haul will no longer be hiring smokers or nicotine users as it wants to promote a healthier workforce. The company said current employees will not be affected by the change.
Jan. 3, 2020
3 Mountain Lions Killed After Feeding On Human Remains
Three mountain lions found feeding on human remains near a popular Tucson hiking trail have been killed, Arizona authorities said Wednesday.
Jan. 3, 2020