Supreme Court to hear Arizona voter registration case
The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal by the state of Arizona over its voter registration requirements. In 2004, Arizona voters passed a ballot proposition requiring prospective voters to prove they're a citizen before they can register to vote using a state form.
Oct. 15, 2012
University of Arizona to study effects of biodiesel-blend fuels
The U of A has received a federal grant to study the relationship between the exposure to and health effects of the use of underground mining equipment using diesel and biodiesel-blend fuels. From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Mark Brodie has more.
Oct. 13, 2012
Light rail extension in Mesa now official
Funding for the next extension of the Valley’s light rail system has been formally approved. Federal officials and several Valley mayors formally signed the agreement Friday afternoon. KJZZ’s Al Macias says the feds will now provide $75 million for the additional three miles.
Oct. 12, 2012
Downtown hotels could come down
A deadline is looming over the pending demolition of two hotels in downtown Phoenix. One of two downtown Phoenix hotels scheduled to be demolished to make way for a parking lot. (Photo by Jon Hoban - KJZZ) The company that owns the Phoenix Suns also owns the abandoned St.
Oct. 12, 2012
Which election issues will change your life?
We know every voter is unique. So which issues will have a direct impact on your life? Maybe it's military spending, healthcare changes, immigration or tax policy, or even a local school referendum.
Oct. 12, 2012
Adding up the impact of early ballots
Early voting in Arizona for the November sixth election is underway. Some analysts wonder whether results of early balloting could limit turnout on Election Day.From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Steve Goldstein reports.
Oct. 12, 2012
Border Patrol agent remembered in Utah
Mourners on Thursday remembered the Border Patrol agent shot and killed last week near Bisbee at a second funeral. From Phoenix, KJZZ's Mark Brodie has more.Nicholas Ivie had a funeral in Sierra Vista on Monday.
Oct. 12, 2012
The Arizona Board of Regents has decided to offer Eileen Klein, Governor Jan Brewer's Chief of Staff, the position of President of the Board. Regents' Chair Rick Myers tells KJZZ's Steve Goldstein why Klein is the right choice.
Oct. 11, 2012
Phoenix to track Wright
A preservation group at the city of Phoenix is taking steps to inventory the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. As KJZZ’s Peter O’Dowd reports, it’s in response to a controversy over the pending demolition of a house Wright designed for his son.
Oct. 11, 2012
Arizona Senate race between Flake, Carmona tightening up
Arizona’s U.S. Senate race is tightening up, with less than a month to go until Election Day. The advantage had been with Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, but as KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports, Democrats are trying to capitalize on a shift in momentum.
Oct. 11, 2012
Arpaio campaign attacks Dem candidate for sheriff
After weeks of commercials painting a softer picture of “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” Joe Arpaio has gone on the offensive. The new ad makes issue of an incident in his opponent’s past. The commercial refers to a decade-old dispute involving Arpaio’s Democratic foe Paul Penzone, a former Phoenix Police Sergeant who ran the Silent Witness program.
Oct. 11, 2012
New Mexico
New Mexico’s governor wants federal officials to move a pack of endangered wolves suspected of killing cattle in the southwestern part of her state. Governor Susana Martinez sent a letter to the U.
Oct. 11, 2012
Early voting underway in Maricopa County
Early voting for next month’s general election begins Thursday. The county elections department will mail ballots to people on the permanent early voting list, and those who have requested an early ballot.
Oct. 11, 2012
Mesa police testing mini-cameras
"Smile, you’re on Candid Camera" has taken on a whole new meaning with a gadget now being used by some police departments across the country. They’re mini-cameras that can be attached to a police officer’s body.
Oct. 11, 2012
Bill Clinton in classic form at Tempe rally
Former President Bill Clinton came to Tempe on Wednesday night, to rally supporters of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona. KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports.MARK BRODIE: Clinton has been making the campaign rounds recently, stumping for house and senate candidates.
Oct. 10, 2012
Mayors seek to improve schools through support
Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton is leading a group of mayors in an effort to improve Arizona schools. They say a sound educational system has a ripple effect throughout their communities and Arizona. KJZZ’s Al Macias reports.
Oct. 10, 2012
U.S. Treasury trying to hit cartel leaders where it hurts
The U.S. Department of Treasury is extending efforts to punish a leader of the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel -- financially. KJZZ's Jude Joffe-Block reports that people in the US are banned from doing business with two Mexican companies under the kingpin's control.
Oct. 10, 2012
State Out Of The Union: Arizona and the final showdown over the American dream
Arizona has received an inordinate share of national headlines in recent years, many related to SB1070, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former State Senator Russell Pearce. In his new book, State Out of the Union: Arizona and the Final Showdown Over the American Dream, author Jeff Biggers argues that the negative perception of Arizona is simplistic and doesn't take into account the state's bipartisan and progressive history.
Oct. 10, 2012
Carmona vs. Flake heats up
Recent polls suggest that the race to succeed retiring U.S. Senator Jon Kyl could be very close. Arizona Republic columnist Bob Robb and Northern Arizona University Political Science Professor Fred Solop discuss what factors could be advantages for either Congressman Jeff Flake or Dr.
Oct. 10, 2012
Republican Congressional candidate Vernon Parker
Arizona's new Ninth Congressional District is the most competitive in the state and is considered a toss-up by national political analysts. Republican nominee Vernon Parker spoke about his plans to improve the economy and modify the Affordable Care Act.
Oct. 10, 2012