The Drug War At Home

In a series of multimedia stories, Fronteras: The Changing America Desk investigates our role in the illegal narcotics trade and explores how the nation's appetite for drugs and Mexico's war against drug cartels – backed by the U.S. – impacts our communities.
Vicente Fox says legalized and regulated marijuana could address national security and economic problems.
A report on the state of the U.S.-Mexico border calls for more strategic efforts to improve border security, and more emphasis on making trade and travel more efficient.
The Tijuana perfume salesman, who said he didn't know drugs were in the car, won an appeal after the government destroyed evidence in the case.
The number of homicides dropped to between 20,000 and 25,000 last year, and between 45 to 60 percent of those were organized-crime-style murders.
A new paper explores how Twitter has liberated a group of journalists to share and assimilate their reporting across dangerous war-zones of Mexico.
A guided-missile frigate left San Diego on Tuesday morning for a six-month deployment to Central American waters. Its mission is to disrupt illegal drug trafficking in the eastern Pacific and Caribbean.
Investigating and prosecuting certain drug transportation cases isn't always black and white for U.S. judges and attorneys.
The recent death of a Coast Guard member during an apparent smuggling incident suggests the California coast may be an increasingly dangerous front in the war on drugs.
Can Mexico's new president use his promise for a more business friendly country to end the drug war?
In northern Chihuahua, citizens explain their hopes for a new government and their yearning to live without terror.
The Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition has a mission to prevent and end Human Trafficking in San Diego and beyond.
Following the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado and Washington state, Columbia University professor ponders a future where Mexican marijuana is a source of national pride.
Mexican daily newspapers increase their coverage of organized crime, but only scratch the surface.
The vote to legalize marijuana in Colorado and Washington State is making waves beyond U.S. borders as Latin American leaders call for a re-evaluation of drug control strategy.
Eduardo Arellano-Felix will face federal prosecution for his alleged role in running Tijuana's most powerful drug cartel.