Life After Deportation

In a multimedia series, Peter O'Dowd and Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez follow undocumented immigrants as they are deported from Arizona in the Southwestern United States to Guatemala. They chronicle the challenges deportees face upon returning home, the debate about whether it's worth the risk to return to the U.S. and the unintended consequences of the policy: A generation of young Guatemalans with U.S. passports.

View the Flickr slideshow to see photos chronicling their travels across the Central American country.

The Guatemalan cooperative Mercado Global used the U.S. economic crisis to revamp its product line and marketing plan. The changed ultimately helped it lure high-end American retailers and survive the Great Recession.
After their parents' were deported, 16 American children moved to an impoverished Guatemalan town. Their future in both countries remains uncertain. It's the final story in our series, "Life After Deportation."
In a Guatemalan town known for coffin building, the question of leaving has a way of hanging in the air. Three men debate the pros and cons of taking the perilous trip north to illegally enter the United States. It's the second story in the series "Life After Deportation".
Mixing convicted criminals with illegal border crossers has led to side effects. The good guys are often confused with the bad guys when the plane lands. It's the first story in a three-part series: "Life After Deportation".
Peter O'Dowd was on board a deportation flight to the nation in Central America Friday. You can listen to him report from 20,000 feet in the air.