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'Latino' Or 'Hispanic': What's In A Name?

Jill Replogle

We all know that the fastest growing minority group in this country is Hispanic, right? Or is it Latino? Is there a difference? Fronteras Desk reporters set out to determine what those terms really mean to the people they are supposed to describe, and which one is most accurate.

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Latino Perspectives On The 2012 Elections

Nick Blumberg

We reached out to get your thoughts on how candidates have addressed Latino communities in this campaign season. Take a look at what two voters have to say, and share your views.

In Arizona, Legal Medical Marijuana & An End To Guilt

Nick Blumberg

Last year, we told you the story of a woman who uses medical marijuana as she recovers from cancer. It’s been over eight months since we spoke with this woman. We caught up and learned how her life has changed.

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