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Title Author(s) Publication Date
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Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services
Mar. 7, 2019
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Mexico Closes 5 Immigrant Detention Centers Jorge Valencia Mar. 6, 2019
In California, Wet Winters No Longer Enough To Dampen Wildfires Nicholas Gerbis Mar. 6, 2019
Report: Drug Overdoses Still Climbing In Arizona Will Stone Mar. 6, 2019
Death Penalty Dementia Case Raises Ethical Questions Mark Brodie Mar. 6, 2019
Some Say Montgomery Vetoed Criminal Justice Reform Mark Brodie, Jimmy Jenkins Mar. 6, 2019
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New Book Records Hispanic History Of North America Lauren Gilger Mar. 6, 2019
Is Preventative War Beneficial? Steve Goldstein Mar. 6, 2019
National Veteran Suicide Task Force Modeled After Arizona Efforts Claire Caulfield Mar. 6, 2019
Does America Have A Polarization Problem? Steve Goldstein Mar. 6, 2019
Border Crossings Increased In February Steve Goldstein Mar. 6, 2019
Can Parking Meters Help The Homeless In Phoenix? Christina Estes Mar. 6, 2019
Analysis Finds Protests Led To More Education Funding Mark Brodie Mar. 6, 2019
Sonoran Desert Inspires Researchers To 'Shake Up' Kendal Blust Mar. 6, 2019
Spring Training Brings In A Lot Of Fans — And Money Phil Latzman Mar. 5, 2019
Pence Speaks At AZ Manufacturer Meeting Casey Kuhn Mar. 5, 2019
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All AZ Universities Receive 'Greenlight' On Free Speech Lauren Gilger Mar. 5, 2019
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Why Cactus Poaching Is A Big Problem Right Now Mark Brodie Mar. 5, 2019