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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Sounds Of The City: Driving Back In Time With Classic Military Vehicles Annika Cline Apr. 19, 2018
Phoenix Sets New Regulations For Sober Living Homes Steve Goldstein Apr. 19, 2018
Microtrends That Could Become Driving Forces In Society Mark Brodie Apr. 19, 2018
Summit Aims To Make Cities More Generous Towards Ecosystems Mark Brodie Apr. 19, 2018
Arizona’s Jobless Rate Remains Unchanged Phil Latzman Apr. 19, 2018
ASU Students Help Tempe Renewable Energy Initiative Lauren Gilger Apr. 19, 2018
Nearly 650,000 Valley Jobs At Risk By Automation Mark Brodie Apr. 19, 2018
Pima Sheriff Welcomes National Guard Support On Border Lauren Gilger Apr. 19, 2018
Results Of #RedForEd Teacher Strike Vote Expected Thursday Lauren Gilger, Mark Brodie Apr. 19, 2018
Arizona PTA Leader Drops Support ForTeacher Pay Raise Plan Holliday Moore
Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services
Apr. 19, 2018
Median Home Prices Recover In Half Of U.S. — But Not AZ Heather van Blokland Apr. 19, 2018
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Holds Meeting In Guadalupe Jimmy Jenkins Apr. 19, 2018
Phoenix Voters To Decide Whether City Elections Should Move Christina Estes Apr. 18, 2018
Tucson Garden Offers Rare Chance To See Corpse Flower Bloom Nicholas Gerbis Apr. 18, 2018
More Doctors Citing Alzheimer's As Cause Of Death Kathy Ritchie Apr. 18, 2018
Immigrant Activists: Bond Hearing Set For Organizer Detained In Arizona Matthew Casey Apr. 18, 2018
Bill Regulating Food Trucks Amended To Include Push Cart Vendors Matthew Kling Apr. 18, 2018
New Way To Define Alzheimer's Could Help Improve Research Efforts Kathy Ritchie, Associated Press Apr. 18, 2018
More Change Coming To Arizona's Health Insurance Market Steve Goldstein Apr. 18, 2018
Jury Deliberating In Trial Of Border Agent Accused In Boy's Death Steve Goldstein, Michel Marizco Apr. 18, 2018
Is Downtown Flagstaff Headed For An Economic Slump? Lauren Gilger Apr. 18, 2018
Barbara Bush Elementary School Honors First Lady Mariana Dale Apr. 18, 2018
Investigator: 'A Lot Revealed' In House Sexual Harassment Report Mark Brodie Apr. 18, 2018
Generating Station Closure Leaves Workers With Tough Choices Steve Goldstein Apr. 18, 2018
Supreme Court Hears Arguments On E-Commerce Sales Taxes Steve Goldstein, Mark Brodie Apr. 18, 2018