Senior Field Correspondent Laurel Morales (Flagstaff) believes everyone has an amazing story to tell. You just have to ask the right questions.

Morales seeks new angles and compelling unheard voices like the ex-gang member working to graduate from high school, or the honor guard who stayed with the bodies of the 19 firefighters who died last summer, or the art dealer who after visiting the Hopi decided to return sacred artifacts to the tribe.

Morales came to northern Arizona in 2003 from rural Minnesota, where she worked as a reporter after receiving her master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She left Minnesota Public Radio after her contact lenses froze to her eyeballs on a short walk from her apartment to the station. While Flagstaff still has snow, the winters are short and bearable.

And there’s never a shortage of stories in northern Arizona. She’s covered environmental issues at the Grand Canyon, the impact of war, wildfires and everything in between. Living next to the largest tribe and reservation in the country, many of her stories are about American Indian issues. And many of those stories are picked up by national programs.

She has won several Edward R. Murrow and Associated Press awards and a national PRNDI for the only commentary she's ever written. It was about changing her name from Druley to Morales when she got married.

Follow her on Twitter: @laurelgwyn.

Title Author Publication Date
Hopi To Vote In Primary Election Sept. 14 Laurel Morales September 12, 2017
Hualapai Agree To Settle Water Rights Conflict Laurel Morales September 11, 2017
Flagstaff Police Debunk Deportation Scam Laurel Morales August 30, 2017
Navajo Remain Invested In Coal Laurel Morales August 24, 2017
Zinke Recommends No Eliminations, But Changes To Some Monuments Laurel Morales August 24, 2017
Navajo, Other Tribes Consider Eclipse A Bad Omen Laurel Morales August 21, 2017
Two At A Time: Cleanup Of Navajo Uranium Mines Slow Laurel Morales August 09, 2017
Zinke Says No Changes To Grand Canyon-Parashant Laurel Morales August 04, 2017
Navajo Allocate $3 Million To Former Bennett Freeze Housing Laurel Morales August 01, 2017
Navajo Lawmakers Approve Plan To Purchase Colorado Ranch Laurel Morales July 28, 2017
Many Mayer Homes Uninhabitable After Flash Flood Laurel Morales July 27, 2017
Navajo Nation Wants To Buy Sacred Mountains In Colorado Laurel Morales July 24, 2017
Arizona Health Care Providers Worried About Reform Laurel Morales July 24, 2017
No Vacancy At Grand Canyon Cemetery Laurel Morales July 17, 2017
Grand Canyon Comes Up With River Plan After Harassment Report Laurel Morales July 14, 2017
6 Homes Destroyed By Fire In Kingman Laurel Morales July 03, 2017
Some Goodwin Fire Evacuees In A Holding Pattern Laurel Morales July 03, 2017
Drone Operator Suspect Arrested Laurel Morales July 01, 2017
19 Firefighters Remembered 4 Years Later Laurel Morales June 30, 2017
Navajo Generating Station To Operate Until 2019 Laurel Morales June 27, 2017
Fry Bread Nation: A Deadly Legacy June 26, 2017
Fry Bread Nation Laurel Morales June 26, 2017
Navajo Nation To Negotiate Power Plant Lease Laurel Morales June 24, 2017
Navajo Nation Gets 1st Starbucks Laurel Morales June 21, 2017
Coconino Finds 34 Abandoned Campfires In One Weekend Laurel Morales June 21, 2017