Senior Field Correspondent Mónica Ortiz Uribe (Las Cruces) is a native of El Paso, Texas, where she recently worked as a freelance reporter. Her work has aired on NPR, Public Radio International and Radio Bilingue. Most of her stories examined the effects of drug-related violence across the border in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

Previously, she worked as a reporter for the Waco Tribune Herald in Waco, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a degree in history.

Follow her on Twitter: @mortizuribe

Title Author Publication Date
Pope Confirms Visit To Border City of Juárez Mónica Ortiz Uribe November 26, 2015
Rap Song Memoralizes Border City Juárez' Violent Past Mónica Ortiz Uribe November 24, 2015
Mexican Government Reveals More Details On Pope Francis's Visit Mónica Ortiz Uribe November 12, 2015
El Paso VA Announces Major Health Care Reforms Mónica Ortiz Uribe November 10, 2015
New Ozone Standards Discussed In Four Corners Region Mónica Ortiz Uribe November 06, 2015
3 Charged In Scheme To Sell Fake Native American Jewelry Mónica Ortiz Uribe October 30, 2015
US Consulate Supports Environmental Projects In Juárez Mónica Ortiz Uribe October 26, 2015
Human Rights Commission Focuses On Access To Clean Water Mónica Ortiz Uribe October 23, 2015
South Asians Protest Conditions At Immigrant Detention Facility Mónica Ortiz Uribe October 21, 2015
Federal Wolf Recovery Effort To Continue Despite Roadblocks In New Mexico Mónica Ortiz Uribe October 15, 2015
El Paso Organization To Document Police Abuse In Border Region Mónica Ortiz Uribe October 14, 2015
Interior Secretary Jewell To Visit National Preserve In New Mexico Mónica Ortiz Uribe October 08, 2015
Pope's 2016 Mexico Visit Excites Catholics Along The Border Mónica Ortiz Uribe October 08, 2015
Texas Cities Recycle Wastewater Into Drinking Water To Boost Dwindling Supplies Mónica Ortiz Uribe September 28, 2015
Bipartisan Bill Calls For Greater Accountability Among Border Law Enforcement Mónica Ortiz Uribe September 22, 2015
Photo Of Breastfeeding El Paso Soldiers Goes Viral Mónica Ortiz Uribe September 16, 2015
Weak Mexican Peso Impacts US Retailers On The Border Mónica Ortiz Uribe September 09, 2015
Texas Clinics Appeal To Supreme Court Against Stricter Abortion Regulation Mónica Ortiz Uribe September 03, 2015
10 Years After Hurricane Katrina, Pastry Chef Finds Refuge In New Mexico Mónica Ortiz Uribe August 26, 2015
Report: Mexican Government Negligent In Caring For Migrant Girl Mónica Ortiz Uribe August 10, 2015
International 10K Race Reunites Border Cities El Paso, Juárez Mónica Ortiz Uribe August 10, 2015
Juárez Center Seeks To Reduce Violence Against Women Mónica Ortiz Uribe August 07, 2015
Border Summit Highlights US-Mexico Relations Mónica Ortiz Uribe August 07, 2015
Police Investigating Explosions At 2 New Mexico Churches Mónica Ortiz Uribe August 02, 2015
Life Sentence For Juárez Men Accused In Murders Of 11 Young Women Mónica Ortiz Uribe July 27, 2015