Lorne Matalon is the Fronteras Desk reporter in Texas based at Marfa Public Radio/West Texas Public Radio. He is also a Journalism Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin where he is researching Mexico-US relations and the economics of Mexican energy reform and the American energy companies investing in Mexico's deregulated oil, gas and electricity markets.

In 2015-2016 Matalon reported from Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia and multiple locations in Mexico. He began reporting from Latin America in 2007 where he was based in Mexico City for The World, a co-production of the BBC World Service, Public Radio International and NPR member station WGBH Boston. He has recently filed features on a variety of energy-related themes that include defensive postures deployed by energy companies in a downturn, Mexican energy reform, Mexican investment in distressed U.S. energy companies and the lifting of the ban on the export of U.S. crude oil.

His two-part series entitled, "Borderland Exodus: Towns Near Path Of Proposed Mexican Pipelines Suffer Rash Of Violence," was awarded a 2016 National Edward R Murrow Award for Investigative Reporting by the Radio Television Digital News Association, RTDNA.

The series investigates land displacement, violence and alleged corruption in connection with a series of pipelines under construction in a 55-mile corridor that lines the U.S. border southeast of Juárez, Chihuahua and El Paso, Texas. The flight of displaced citizens from the region has spawned mass asylum applications by Mexicans who are currently hunkered down in Texas pending their application reviews.

Previously Matalon was at NPR member stations WUNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina  and WBUR, Boston. During that time he filed from Haiti and Mongolia. Prior to working at WBUR, Matalon was a television reporter at New England Cable News in Boston and at CBC Television, Toronto where he reported from Canada, the U.S., Brazil and Cuba. He has filed from Panama, Mongolia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina for National Geographic's online news service. His articles and photographs have appeared in the Boston Globe, the San Diego Union-Tribune, La Recherche, Paris and The World Today, London, a publication of the international affairs organization Chatham House. He has produced three television documentaries; "Brazil: Amazon War," "Sudan: Freedom for Sale" and "Guantanamo."

He has completed four photo essays for ReVista, the Harvard Review of Latin America published by Harvard's Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. Those essays include Panama: The Challenge of Inequality (2013) Peru: Building A Template For Sustainable Forestry (2014) and El Salvador: San Romero de  América (2016). In 2017 he has filed a photo essay for Harvard Revista on the land displacement  in the Juárez Valley.

Matalon has a BA in American History from Middlebury College and a Masters in Journalism from the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University.

Follow him on Twitter: @matalon

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