Laurel Morales

Senior Field Correspondent - Fronteras Desk

Known as “the informer” among her siblings, Laurel Morales came by reporting naturally.

She’s been a public radio reporter since 1998, cutting tape with a razor blade at KQED’s California Report. She traded in her flip-flops for snow boots to work for Minnesota Public Radio, where she received her first digital recorder. But Morales has spent most of her career in northern Arizona where she’s had the honor to witness a Miss Navajo sheep butchering contest, a Havasupai medicine woman’s ceremony, and a group of blind teens hike the Grand Canyon.

She joined KJZZ’s Fronteras Desk in 2011. In 2017, Morales produced a multi-platform project called Earth+Bone about what tribes believe to be sacred and what Westerners consider fair game. She’s won several awards for her work, including a national Edward R. Murrow Award for her continuing coverage of the Yarnell Hill Fire. She earned her master’s in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
French Officials Reject Hopi's Attempt To Stop Sale Of Sacred Items Laurel Morales May. 29, 2015
Navajo Band Sihasin Helps Native Youth Laurel Morales May. 29, 2015
Climate Change Makes Parts Of The Navajo Nation Uninhabitable Laurel Morales May. 28, 2015
Oak Creek Canyon Visitors Can Soon Call For Help Laurel Morales May. 20, 2015
Recent Navajo Police Officer Deaths Expose Increased Violence Laurel Morales May. 19, 2015
Hopi Ask For Help To Stop Paris Auction Of Sacred Items Laurel Morales May. 18, 2015
Navajo Supreme Court Chief Justice Retires Laurel Morales May. 14, 2015
New Navajo Nation President Sworn In Laurel Morales May. 13, 2015
Native Americans Use Sweat Lodge Ceremonies To Recover From Heroin Abuse Laurel Morales May. 11, 2015
Navajo Nation President To Be Inaugurated Tuesday Laurel Morales May. 11, 2015
Grand Canyon Building $150 Million Water Pipeline Laurel Morales Apr. 30, 2015
Three Arizonans Compete For Miss Indian World Title Laurel Morales Apr. 22, 2015
Early Results Show Russell Begaye Is New Navajo Nation President Laurel Morales Apr. 21, 2015
Navajo To Vote For President April 21 Laurel Morales Apr. 20, 2015
Court Says Uranium Mine Can Open Near Grand Canyon National Park Laurel Morales Apr. 8, 2015
Junk Food Tax May Send Navajos Back To Their Roots Laurel Morales Apr. 8, 2015
Navajo Nation Imposes Junk Food Tax Laurel Morales Mar. 31, 2015
Federal Court Rules In Favor Of Indian Families In ICWA Case Laurel Morales Mar. 31, 2015
Navajo Nation Finds Way To Combat Housing Crisis Faster Laurel Morales Mar. 30, 2015
US 89 Reopens After 2013 Landslide Laurel Morales Mar. 26, 2015
Feds Try To Clean Uranium Found In Navajo Water Laurel Morales Mar. 25, 2015
Native Americans Can Prosecute Non-Natives In Tribal Court Laurel Morales Mar. 16, 2015
Feds Pay Downwinders $2 Billion But Leave Out Mohave County Laurel Morales Mar. 5, 2015
Navajo Nation Files Petition Against U.S. Over Sacred Mountain Laurel Morales Mar. 3, 2015
After Wildfire, Winter Weather Means Oak Creek At Risk For Flooding Laurel Morales Mar. 2, 2015