Chloe Jones

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Sedona Utilizes AI To Help Improve Roads Chloe Jones Jan. 26, 2019
Sedona Drafts Sustainable Tourism Plan Chloe Jones Jan. 21, 2019
iPhone App Shows Hygiene Scores Of Businesses Chloe Jones Jan. 11, 2019
ADOT Repairing Tucson Freeway Chloe Jones Jan. 11, 2019
Mosquito Viruses May Be Prevented With Birth Control Chloe Jones Jan. 8, 2019
Flagstaff Utilizes Smartphone Data To Map Traffic Chloe Jones Jan. 6, 2019
Grand Canyon Will Remain Open, Ducey Says Chloe Jones Dec. 21, 2018
Alleged Bomb Maker Denied Release Chloe Jones Dec. 20, 2018
Geminid Meteor Shower Will Peak This Week Chloe Jones Dec. 10, 2018
Increase Of Sudden Unexpected Infants Deaths In Arizona Chloe Jones Dec. 10, 2018
Illegal Sedona Tours On The Rise, Says U.S. Forest Service Chloe Jones Dec. 6, 2018
ADOT, DPS Work Together To Combat Wrong Way Drivers Chloe Jones Dec. 3, 2018
ADOT App Can Help You Avoid Traffic Chloe Jones Dec. 1, 2018
Prescott Expecting First Winter Storm Chloe Jones Nov. 30, 2018
ASU Receives About $3M To Combat Urban Heat Chloe Jones Nov. 18, 2018
Salmonella Outbreak In Turkey Products Chloe Jones Nov. 16, 2018
Former Treasurer Pleads Guilty To Fraud, Theft Chloe Jones Nov. 9, 2018
AZ Senate Democrats Choose New Leadership Chloe Jones Nov. 8, 2018
Prescribed Fires Scheduled Near Payson Chloe Jones Nov. 4, 2018
Backyard Fires, Fireworks Affect Air Pollution Chloe Jones Nov. 4, 2018
AAA Study Reveals Costly Repairs For Safety Features Chloe Jones Nov. 2, 2018
Arizona Gas Prices May Drop, But Not Significantly Chloe Jones Nov. 5, 2018
Mount Graham Red Squirrel Population Increases Chloe Jones Oct. 29, 2018
Man Rescued From Mine Shaft Chloe Jones Oct. 18, 2018
AZ Game And Fish Department Concludes Four-Year Trout Study Chloe Jones Oct. 14, 2018