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The domino effect is at work among minor league baseball clubs in the Southwest. is reporting the Triple-A Pacific Coast League will undergo a realignment for the 2014 season, a move spurred by the relocation of the Tucson club to El Paso.
August 16, 2013
Civil rights legend John Lewis is telling his story in the form of a graphic novel.
August 12, 2013
The tribe says Katsina dolls can be sold. A doll is typically given to a young girl at a public ceremony as a blessing and part of her education.
An art dealer who bought two Hopi sacred items at a Paris auction last spring has decided to return them to the Northern Arizona tribe.
July 30, 2013
As part of a mission to reinvigorate its image, Playboy Enterprises commissioned an art installation outside a remote West Texas town. But due to current zoning laws, the display may have a short-lived future.
July 26, 2013
Tijuana's fourth annual poetry festival begins Thursday.
July 25, 2013
Gilbert Hernandez
As more Latino youth come of age in the United States, they are looking for superheroes that reflect their cultural heritage. There are a number of emerging, young artists, but the genre already has some stars.
July 25, 2013
For the fourth consecutive week the nation’s largest Spanish language television network Univision has been the most popular TV network, beating out English language networks ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC among adults 18-49.
July 24, 2013
Alejandro Santiago was a Oaxacan artist who built an army of clay migrants to represent friends and family who abandoned his town to migrate to the U.S.
July 23, 2013
As the centennial of the zonkey approaches, preservationists held a conference in Tijuana’s city hall to talk about the history of the zonkeys.
July 19, 2013
Tijuana became the first city in Latin America to switch completely from analog to digital television. The city is a test case for the rest of Mexico.
July 18, 2013


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