In the coming months, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts will be finalized for new surveillance technology along the Southwest border. The federal government is taking a new approach to awarding these contracts in an effort to avoid past mistakes.
September 09, 2013
Construction has begun on a cross-border airline terminal in Tijuana.
September 06, 2013
A judge in New Mexico has decided to speed up a contentious horse slaughter case. U.S. District Court Judge Christina Armijo says she will determine by the end of the month if Valley Meat Co.’s horse slaughter plant can stay open.
September 04, 2013
AZ Companies Prepare To Manage NM Behavioral Health Providers
In late June, New Mexico accused 15 nonprofits who provide mental health and substance abuse treatment of Medicaid fraud to the tune of $36 million. The state quickly froze funding to the agencies, and hired five Arizona firms to take over the New Mexico agencies to ensure continued care to patients. However, it may not be going as well as state agencies claim.
September 04, 2013
A Spanish-language film that opened over Labor Day weekend stunned critics with its box office success.
September 03, 2013
A new report from the Government Accountability Office finds that Customs and Border Protection has inconsistent and unreliable methods for estimating border wait times. This has a detrimental impact on cross-border trade.
August 23, 2013
The fish taco is gaining in popularity in the U.S., but did you know the recipe that inspired that growth came from a taco stand operator south of the border?
August 23, 2013
Mexico President Enrique Peňa Nieto has proposed allowing foreign companies to invest in its state-owned oil company Pemex.
August 13, 2013
Drought, climate change and increased population threaten the Southwest's water supply. Some towns are also dealing with fracking, which uses a lot of water.
August 13, 2013
The neighboring border states of New Mexico and Chihuahua are working together to build a binational community unlike any other in the southwest. The plan is centered around an industrial complex arising outside the town of Santa Teresa in southern New Mexico.
August 09, 2013


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