In the final installment of our series, Border To Border Drugs, we look at the new consumers of heroin in the Pacific Northwest.
September 19, 2013
Reported cases of human plague
A new survey ranks the United States 11th in the number of reported plague cases around the world. Of the cases found in the U.S. over the last decade, most infections were acquired in the Southwest.
September 18, 2013
At the end of June, 15 New Mexico behavioral health agencies had their Medicaid funding frozen by the state's Human Services Department due to “credible allegations of fraud.”
September 12, 2013
Across the Southwest, groups are canvassing neighborhoods to inform uninsured people about how to sign up for coverage under Obama’s Affordable Care Act beginning Oct. 1. But getting the message across is a difficult task, especially reaching certain minority groups and those that may not speak English well.
September 11, 2013
With an Oct. 1 deadline approaching, supporters of the Affordable Care Act are trying to get the word out to people who are now eligible for insurance.
September 09, 2013
Fifteen New Mexico behavioral health providers that were accused of fraud and shut down still haven’t been able to see the audits that lead to their downfall. The audits supposedly showed the companies over-billed the state for Medicaid reimbursements. Now, the company that performed the audit is having its track record questioned.
September 09, 2013
Rate Increases Expected In New Mexico
When the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented, many consumers buying health insurance could take a big hit to their checkbooks, and New Mexico may take the biggest hit of all. That's according to a new study that looks to gauge new insurance premiums state by state.
September 06, 2013
In June, New Mexico froze Medicaid payments to 15 behavioral health providers due to "credible allegations of fraud." The agencies were taken over by five firms from Arizona. However, controversial practices by auditors are raising new questions about the state's actions.
September 05, 2013
AZ Companies Prepare To Manage NM Behavioral Health Providers
In late June, New Mexico accused 15 nonprofits who provide mental health and substance abuse treatment of Medicaid fraud to the tune of $36 million. The state quickly froze funding to the agencies, and hired five Arizona firms to take over the New Mexico agencies to ensure continued care to patients. However, it may not be going as well as state agencies claim.
September 04, 2013
People who have served in the United States military commit suicide at more than twice the rate of the civilian population, according to a report released by News21 this week.
September 03, 2013


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