The FBI has waded into the Department of Veterans Affairs scandal, announcing the start of a criminal probe.
June 11, 2014
A nationwide review of more than 730 Veteran’s Affairs medical facilities was released on Monday. The audit showed that more than 57,000 veterans have been waiting at least 90 days to see a VA clinician.
June 09, 2014
A week's worth of triple-digit temperatures have hit parts of the southwest.
June 05, 2014
A three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Tuesday that an Arizona abortion law must remain on hold while it is litigated.
June 03, 2014
Appeals Court Hears Argument Over Arizona Medication Abortion Restrictions. Judges from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals articulated some skepticism over Arizona's medication abortion
May 13, 2014
Beth Otterstein
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments Tuesday to decide whether to block new Arizona abortion regulations. The new law would make it more difficult for women in rural parts of the state to access abortion services. Proponents of the law argue it would make the abortion pill safer.
May 09, 2014
Senator John McCain hosted a town hall style meeting in Phoenix on Friday to discuss the recent allegations of mismanagement at the Phoenix VA Medical Center. More than 200 veterans and their families attended the event.
May 09, 2014
Atomic Test
Congress held a field hearing in Kingman on Monday for forgotten "downwinders" — people suffering from cancer caused by the fallout of atomic testing near Las Vegas in the 1950s.
April 15, 2014
A group of paddlers prepare for their first rapid.
Last month a 31-year-old Oregon man died when his kayak capsized on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. He was one of about 7,000 river runners who each year opt to go without a guide.
April 14, 2014
A hearing will be held Monday in Mohave County for “downwinders,” or people exposed to radioactive fallout after nuclear tests in the 1950s near Las Vegas. Many have not yet been compensated by the federal government.
April 14, 2014


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