Activists in Arizona and other states have called on Greyhound Lines Inc. to stop letting U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents board buses to search for undocumented immigrants, arguing the company has a constitutional right to deny agents access.
March 21, 2018
The U.S. Supreme court will decide how much time the government gets to detain an immigrant indefinitely after they are released from criminal custody.
March 19, 2018
Karina Ruiz
The U.S. Supreme Court decided on Monday to not hear Arizona’s appeal in a long-running effort to keep undocumented immigrants in the DACA program from having driver’s licenses.
March 19, 2018
Federal officials have increased the size of the board that reviews decisions made by immigration judges to help deal with the unprecedented number of roughly 667,000 pending cases.
March 05, 2018
A new campaign to force President Donald Trump to take action on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will launch the day before the deadline he gave Congress to decide the fate hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants.
March 02, 2018
Office of the Inspector General
A newly released audit blasted U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for altering a deal with the city of Eloy to get a detention facility in Texas, but the agency denied improperly changing the agreement which now pays Eloy to act as a so-called middleman.
February 28, 2018
Daniela Silva Bascal and her father Daniel Silva Soto
More than 280,000 children born in the United States live in Mexico but don’t have sufficient documentation to prove their identity in either country.
February 28, 2018
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that some detained immigrants do not have the right to regular bond hearings.
February 27, 2018
With no movement in Congress, supporters of undocumented immigrants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program are continuing their fight in the courts.
February 26, 2018
An immigrant rights group is suing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for denying some Temporary Protected Status holders the chance to get green cards.
February 22, 2018


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