Fugitive Ex-Cop Arrested Across The Mexican Border

By Mónica Ortiz Uribe
May 27, 2015
The FBI's wanted poster shows Henry Solis has been captured.

An ex-Los Angeles police officer wanted for murder is being held in an El Paso County jail after being arrested across the border in Mexico. His arrest was a result of a months-long bi-national investigation.

Henry Solis, 27, was arrested by Mexican police in the border city of Juárez on Tuesday afternoon. Hours later he was deported back to the United States, escorted on foot across an international bridge.

The FBI had been searching for Solis since March when he was allegedly involved in fight with another man in downtown Pomona, Calif. Solis is accused of killing the man after shooting him multiple times.  Soon after he was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department.

The FBI learned Solis was in Mexico after seeing surveillance video of him and his father crossing the border. On Wednesday, Solis remained in an El Paso jail awaiting a possible transfer back to Los Angeles.