Monsoon Rains Cause Flooding On Both Sides Of The Border

By Kate Sheehy
July 13, 2015

City crews were cleaning up streets in parts of Nogales, Ariz., on Monday after monsoon rains caused the city’s main wash to flood. 

Flood water washed over two bridges in the northern part of Nogales, pushing debris into the streets on Sunday.

William Sanchez is the city’s Interim Fire Chief. He said most of the water came from the Mexican side of the border. His department always prepares for flooding this time of year.

"During monsoon season here in Nogales, being that we’re very close to the border, pretty much the whole water that runs into Mexico comes down the main wash here to Nogales, Arizona," he said. Geographically, the American city is downstream from the Mexican city.

Sanchez said there were no injuries. He said they have good communication and training with the fire department in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

Sanchez said almost every year Mexican citizens get caught in the wash and swept across the border. That hasn’t happened so far this year.